Don’t waste the rain

If you have read our posts on “Lawn Gone” (, you’ll realize that American society has gone overboard in planting turf grass, which occupies most of the yard in most homes in the USA. And, most homes have downspouts that carry all the rain from the roof into storm drains or into pipes that dump […]

Leaf them there

When we first moved into the Garden home 20 years ago, we spent 4 weekends per year raking leaves. In a half acre of yard, there were high trees and lawn—with nothing in between. I suspect this describes many yards including yours. The choices were to rake them ourselves, pay someone to rake, or try […]

Compost made easy

I bet you hate to bag leaves (see Post called Leaf Them There). And isn’t hauling out garbage cans fun? How about trying to stuff deadheaded flower stems into a can for the trash man? Or wasting water and energy running a garbage disposal? The answer my friends isn’t blowing in the wind, it’s a […]