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We became gardeners after moving to a Frank Lloyd Wright style modern home, with windows that looked out into the yard. We began to redo things knowing pretty much nothing about gardening. The stories told here blog by blog show that anyone can make their yard better for themselves, their family, and for the environment, without spending a fortune, and having an immense amount of fun.

Cristina, Erica and Harry

with Daughter Erica, a naturalist


  • Readable how-to-do-it blogs
  • Links to other useful web sites
  • Books to read on good gardening
  • Before and after pictures of our successes
  • How to find others who like gardening your way
  • Why new gardening helps the environment
  • Keeping rainwater on the property
  • Eliminating invasive plants
  • Using native plants
  • Encouraging butterflies, bees, and birds
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